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Welcome to C2G Capital Management LLC

C2G Capital Management LLC is a Licensed Independent Insurance Agency Serving the Tri County Area, Dorchester, Berkeley & Charleston Counties.

We have three strategic insurance partners we work with located in Atlanta, Des Moines and San Diego with 100's of years experience in insurance to help us navigate through the maze of insurance products and carriers so we can focus on translating your needs to them and provide you the best service and value for your money.

Insurance is sometimes mandated by law such as auto insurance, other insurance is required by lenders of money to purchase homes, cars and other big financial obligations to protect the lenders investment. Yet others protect your most valuable asset; you, or better said your ability to make money, as in Disability protection. It is believed that healthcare expenses maybe the runaway train of inflation, and thus making health insurance crucial to one's family plan. A business may need to offer several types of insurance to recruit and retain talented employees, yet the costs often overwhelm many small businesses. C2G Capital Management LLC can help sort through and right size individual, family or business needs.

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