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We specialize in helping people make smart choices about their money!

C2G Capital Management LLC is a Licensed Independent Insurance Agency Serving the Tri County Area, Dorchester, Berkeley & Charleston Counties.

C2G Capital Management LLC has an extensive list of insurance carriers to provide coverage for your personal property such as Auto, Home, Business, Motorcycle. As well as your family with Life, Health, Disability or Long Term Care insurance. We also can help use insurance products such as annuities to help fund retirement goals.

We not only search the market for the right carrier, but we perform due diligence on the carriers to make sure they are financially sound companies with the means to pay out claims should the need arise. We ask three basic questions on insurance:

  • Do you need it at all?
  • What level of coverage is right for you?
  • What insurance carrier is going to meet those needs with the ability to pay claims with affordable premiums for you?

In essence we are not trying to sell you anything, we are trying to fit a need you have with the right level of security so you sleep well at night.

In all Risk Management there are four methods of handling risk.

Retain risk

You choose to bear the full financial burden in the event of a loss.

Reduce risk

You restrict the conditions that create a loss.

Avoid risk

You decide not to participate in a risk-creating activity.

Transfer risk

You purchase insurance to help cover a loss.


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